Elite Players have a VISION.
Why a Vision is crucial for your player's success.
Most players have 1 of 2 types of goals:

Type 1: A broad goal: “I want to become a professional player.”

Type 2: A specific goal: “I want to play for Manchester United, and I want to be number 20.”

After coaching and mentoring 100s of players, I’ve found that the players with a more specific goal are the ones that become more successful. Why is this ?

To answer that question, we must understand the purpose of setting a goal. A goal is used to motivate, inspire, and to push one to move forward through challenges, obstacles, and overcome adversity to achieve a particular task.

A specific goal does a better job at serving this purpose. A specific goal is emotional, its vibrant, it resonates with the individual. This emotion is what is going to motivate a player through short-term obstacles to help them achieve what they are seeking.

A broad goal can get boring, it doesn’t create the emotion and inspiration necessary to push someone through those short-term challenges.

This overall goal is often called a Vision.

This is why some of the most successful people have a clear Personal Vision. This is why companies adopt a “Vision Statement”, and this is why Life Coaches and Mentors advise clients to create “Vision Boards”.

Encourage your player to write their vision. Have them write out a moment that they can see themselves in 5-10 years from now. Have them include every single detail. Are they on the training pitch at a top club, are they trying out for a college team, are they getting subbed into a World Cup match? 

What is the weather like, what is the stadium like, what color jersey are they wearing?

Once this Vision is written out, they can keep this with them as a daily reminder. They can pin it up in their bedroom, keep it in their pocket, or save it on their cell phone.

This daily reminder will help players align their brain so that they make the right decisions on a daily basis - decisions that serve their Vision.

About the Author

About the Author

Chicago Fire Coach & Academy Player, Lucas Zeiler, helps players understand a Self-Development Process that they can use to become unstoppable players. He is an expert at helping players improve their performance by changing their development methods so that their development is more efficient and effective.

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