"Leadership can’t be taught, it can only be learned."
How to provide the right environment for your player to learn Leadership Skills.
"Leadership can’t be taught, it can only be learned."

This quote was coined by Harold Geneen, president of ITT Corp in 1960. Geneen grew this manufacturing company from 765 Million in Sales to 17 Billion in Sales within 7 years.

It’s safe to say Geneen knew his stuff, but what exactly does he mean by this quote? Is it true - You really can't teach leadership?

False. You CAN teach Leadership. 

But not in the traditional sense. 

You can’t read a book about leadership and all of a sudden become a leader. You can’t expect this from your young athlete either. One must go through the experiences of becoming a leader.

There is a great strategy you can use to help your young player experience becoming a leader. This strategy is something I like to call, the Alchemy of a Great Leader. It’s a process to help your young player understand what leadership means, how to identify leadership moments in everyday life, and work to improve their leadership skills on a weekly basis. Here’s the process:
Step 1. The Leadership Review 

Step 2. The Leadership Execution
Step 3. The Leadership Recap  

Step 1. The Leadership Review:

In this step, you can sit down with your player and have them grade themselves on the 10 Factors of Leadership. On a scale of 1-10, how did they do at at expressing these qualities during the preceding week:
1. Being Brave & Having Courage                       ________
2. Having Self-Control                                           ________
3. Always knowing Right vs Wrong                      ________
4. Being Decisive                                                   ________
5. Definiteness of Plans                                        ________
6. Habit of doing more than getting credit for   ________
7. Positive Personality                                           ________
8. Sympathy & Understanding                             ________
9. Mastery of Details                                              ________
10. Willingness to Accept Responsibilities           ________

Once the players scores themselves, instruct them to choose the 3 Factors that received the lowest score. These factors will be the factors of focus for the coming week.

Step 2: The Leadership Execution

So now that the player has their 3 weakest factors, the player is now subconsciously on the lookout for situations during the week that call upon these factors. From there, the player will be able to express the characteristics necessary in the correct situations and now they are slowly on their way to becoming a better leader.

Step 3: The Leadership Recap

After the week is over – the player may score themselves once again to see how they did. This gives them an opportunity to analyze the previous week and understand how they can handle situations better in the future, and once again, they can choose the 3 lowest scores to focus on for the upcoming week.

After repeating this process every week for 12 weeks – you will start to see a transformed player. 

You will start to see, a Leader.
You see, you can’t teach Leadership in the traditional sense, but you can certainly provide the right environment for your player to learn Leadership skills on their own.

This is one of the strategies I use in My Soccer Mentoring Program. 

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